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By Whitney


Meet Whitney Sumsion!

Super Wife, Role Model Mom to 3 Girls and Hair Expert in Fort Worth, TX-- Whitney Sumsion was *made* to do hair!


Locally operating in North Fort Worth, Texas she specializes in Custom Halo Extensions shipped around the WORLD! 


She is a color connoisseur, a styling genius and the coolest lady you'll meet-- (according to her clients).  Learn how Whitney at Studio Sumsion in Fort Worth, Texas can create incredibly styled custom hair extensions right to your door:

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Our Mission

Women deserve to have a few minutes to feel like themselves--  beautiful, confident and stepping outside the "world" for a little bit. Every woman who sits in my chair has the same story-- they are hard working, they struggle with managing all the hats and they want to be SEEN.  My studio can be a safe haven of silence where you just browse on your phone if you need quiet.  You can come in and tell me your wildest stories. Or know you can come in and let it all out!  Doing hair is a perk for me-- spending time with you is the REAL bonus.

Our Craft

Whitney Sumsion at Studio Sumsion has been doing hair cuts, styling and custom HALO hair extensions for 10 years! She comes widely referred by her clients-- in fact, her ENTIRE BUSINESS is built on word-of-mouth!

(I don't take that lightly!)

Our Business

Studio Sumsion located in Fort Worth is the perfect place for all things hair cuts, styling and hair products!  BUT, we also are mostly commonly known for our custom HALO hair extensions we ship around the world!  You can save yourself the time (and money) of booking an entire salon visit, and we'll create a stunning hair extension piece with 4 easy pictures, a "length, color an styling consult" and then it ships straight to you!  "Custom" has never been so convenient..

Studio Sumsion in Fort Worth

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